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King’s Crab Mun Tofu Sauce

King’s Crab Mun Tofu Sauce

by Chef Yuda Bustara


1 block Silky Tofu

200gr Crab Meat / Fresh Meat

100gr Mushrooms: Shimeji & Enoki, thinly sliced 20gr Shitake mushrooms dry, soak in hot water, thinly sliced

100gr Milky Oyster Sauce 50ml soy sauce

1 tbs Apple Vinegar 1sdt Sesame Oil 1cm Ginger Slices

2 cloves Garlic, finely diced 1lt Water

2 tbs Maizena (Corn Flour), mixed with a little water Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Fried silky tofu until brown and crispy on the surface, take out from pan


2. Saute garlic with sesame oil until soft.


3. Put all mushrooms and stir fry briefly, add water


4. Add ginger, Oyster Milky sauce, soy sauce, apple salt and pepper vinegar, stir well and let it boil.


5. After boiling, add crab meat and maizena mixture, let it boil til thickens. If its too thick add water as necessary.

7. Serve sauce with fried tofu and rice.