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Bulgogi Inspired Meat Ball

Bulgogi Inspired Meat Ball

by Chef Budi Lee


300 gr Ground beef 15 gr Chopped garlic 30 gr Chopped onion 1 gr salt

2 gr white pepper

20 ml Milky oyster sauce 5 ml woschester sauce 5 ml sesame oil

‘Bulgogi’ Sauce:

100 ml Milky Oyster sauce 40 ml wostchester sauce 30 ml sesame oil

Lemon gaztrique Sauce and Salad:

100 ml Lemon juice 50 gr Sugar

1gr salt

60 gr Shreded carrot

60 blanched and sliced buncis 80 gr Boiled edamame.


  1. Make a meat ball. Seared until golden brown. And pour the sauce in keep in simmer for few minutes.
  2. Disolve and mix well all ingredients of lemon gaztrique sauce, then mix well with the vegetables
  3. Grilled some kabocha pumpkin and slice some tomatoes
  4. On a bed of lettuce, arrange the salad, grilled pumpkin, tomatoes and the meat ball..
  5. Eat it as a snacks or even can served with a steamed bun