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Crab w/ Oyster Sauce & Coconut Milk

Crab w/ Oyster Sauce & Coconut Milk

by Miranti


1 crab, boil in salted water til cooked for about 10mins, then take shell apart (reserve shell), discard gills, clean, chop off the pincers (and lightly crack) & half the crab

10 lime leaves, thinly sliced

3 bird’s eye chilies (red varieties), thinly sliced 4 garlic, finely chopped

2 cm ginger, julienned

100gr milky oyster sauce * 200gr coconut milk 1/2 tsp salt or to taste

2 tbsp butter

1/2 – 1 cups water

scallion, julienned for garnish – optional cilantro, for garnish – optional


  1. Heat butter in pan, sautee garlic, chilies, ginger & limeleaves til savory
  2. Add milky oyster sauce, coconut milk, water & crab shell, bring to boil then simmer for about 10mins
  3. Add the halved crab & pincers, cook for an additional 2-3mins
  4. Adjust seasoning if necessary
  5. Serve w/ scallion & cilantro garnish