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Sirloin With 3 Color Mashed And Burnt Rosemary

Sirloin With 3 Color Mashed And Burnt Rosemary

by Chef Yuda Bustara


50 gram purple potato 50 gram green peas 50 gram sweet potato 250 gram sirloin

1 clove garlic salt and pepper

Spicy Milky Oyster sauce 100 ml cream

30 gram og unsalted butter 1 rosemary stick

How to:

  1. Boiled all purple, sweet and peas until tender Separate by color and mashed them well
  2. Heat cream and butter until melted and divided into 3
  3. Mix each mashed with melted cream and butter, whisked well until well combined and season with salt and pepper
  4. For the steak, sear with little oil until medium, and set aside
  5. For the sauce, with the same pan used for steak, melt knob of butter, and sauté the garlic untul soften
  6. Add the Oyster sauce and add water if its to thick and set aside
  7. Serve all the 3 color mashed with the steak and sauce. Lastly, burn the rosemary and put on top of the steak