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About Ishiwata Shoten

3rd Generation of Ishiwata Shoten, Hisashi Ishiwata

Ishiwata Shoten established in July 14, 1956, when the Kesennuma new shi market called Toyo was build. A founder of Ishwata Shoten, Masao Ishiwata, had worked a major food company as a researcher until then, moved with his family from Kanagawa prefecture to Kesennuma. and started a company to export processed shery products to Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Why started an oyster sauce

In 2011, Great east Japan earthquake hit this town, the Tsunami came to our factory and facilities close to the ceiling of the second oor, and it was driven to a state where it can not be recovered. We received warm support from all over the world. Thanks to the support, we can rebuild the new factory in 2012, we were able to start production from that October.

I started to think that I would like to return this obligation to everyone, using the proud ma- terials in this town, and have decided to develop a product that can be supplied to the whole world and can become a kind of the communication through the product. We developed the taste direction with local mothers and worked with local area a a whole, with a wish that local people are proud of the product.

The season of Japanese oysters is said to be November – December, but we use oysters from March to May. Oyster producer know that the most delicious oyster is from March to May, as it is just before their egg pregnancy fat, we used oyster from only that period.

We processed the oysters under special manufacturing method so that children and elderly people can eat safely, leaving the original oyster avor by devising heating temperature and time, leaving the maximum taste. You can use it with safe con dence without using any chemical seasonings or preservatives.