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Milky Oyster Sauce

Why started an oyster sauce
In 2011, Great east Japan earthquake hit this town, the Tsunami came to our factory and facilities close to the ceiling of the second floor, and it was driven to a state where it can not be recovered.  We received warm support from all over the world. Thanks to the support, we can rebuild the new factory in 2012, we were able to start production from that October.

I started to think that I would like to return this obligation to everyone, using the proud materials in this town, and have decided to develop a product that can be supplied to the whole world and can become a kind of the communication through the product.  We developed the taste direction with local mothers and worked with local area a a whole, with a wish that local people are proud of the product.

The season of Japanese oysters is said to be November – December, but we use oysters from March to May.  Oyster producer know that the most delicious oyster is from March to May, as it is just before their egg pregnancy fat, we used oyster from only that period.

We processed the oysters under special manufacturing method so that children and elderly people can eat safely, leaving the original oyster flavor by devising heating temperature and time, leaving the maximum taste. You can use it with safe confidence without using any chemical seasonings or preservatives.

Quality of oysters
The Karakuwa area facing Kesennuma Bay is located in the center of the Sanriku Rias coast line. There is a quiet bay characterized by a complex ocean current created by unique geographical landscape that forests approach the ocean. This bay is filled with plentiful forest nutrition carried by the river, and  is also very excellent as a fish farm for rich fish plankton serving as a food for oysters. Thus, nurturing tasty and safe oysters are grow.

“Milky Oyster Sauce” is used only the high-quality oysters picked up in the Karakuwa district, and we are limited to use only oysters that have plenty of nutrition before the egg production of late March to May. That rich taste of oyster is called “milk of the sea”.

We use special grade oysters that can be eaten raw meals, we use only those of the highest quality, freshness, taste, fragrance.

Enzymatic degradation
Enzymatic degradation is a method of liquefying food by utilizing the ability to decompose enzyme protein. It is a technology that prevents deterioration of taste and aroma from being able to liquefy without applying heat, and can be used without impairing nutritional value.

A common oyster sauce makes boiled oyster broth and makes an extract. In that case, oysters seem to be used for dried oysters in many cases.

We questioned how we can keep the taste of oysters with good freshness from the production area without damaging it. We tried to use this without throwing away and decided to manufacture by this manufacturing method.

“Oyster extract” which becomes the basis of oyster sauce was completed by enzymatically decomposing the whole body of oysters and making it an extract.

Production process
Take your landing oysters out of the shell in the day, freeze for immediate freshness. After the oyster is frozen, to crash and coarsely crushed, take time to thoroughly perform enzymatic degradation to make an oyster extract.  We add natural seasoning to finished oyster extract and finish it to a deep oyster sauce. After packing in a bottle, sterilize the inside of the bottle with heat and autoclave sterilization, and finish it to be a product that can be stored at room temperature. During manufacturing, we do a number of quality checks and inspections to deliver safe and secure items to everyone.

Oysters production
We are using the oysters from Moriya Suisan in Karakuwa district of Kesennuma city, Miyagi prefecture. They made oysters with affection in oyster raft that is dedicated to this item. There are places that are nutritious and not in the bay and the sea. This is affecting the river flowing out of the mountain and rainwater and snow melting water poured into the leaf soil are born by flowing minerals and nutrient-containing water into the sea. By moving the location of the oysters raft, they can create differences in taste and the taste of oysters to the maximum. In addition, since the fishing ground and the work place are close, we also have facilities that can process fresh items immediately.

Oyster extract, suger, syrup reduction, soy sauce, Yesterday extract, flour (part of materials include wheat and soy)

-Contents of goods. : 160g
-Best when used by : 1 year from the production date.
-Preservation method : Store at room temperature. Please use promptly after opening